About this Blog

Why blogging?

We’re living in very interesting and exciting times. Never before the number of competing memes was so large, and the competition itself so dynamic and involved such great number of people. The Internet revolutionized communications, and provided millions of people with an efficient medium for debate, persuation, and often times outright propaganda.

The Internet contributes to about 95% of news and opinions I personally consume, in forms of Blogs, videos, RSS feeds, et cetera. I am hungry for information – espeically on controversial topics, and over the last several years, I’ve watched hundreds of Youtube videos, read hundreds of articles on the Internet and dozens of paper book. And every time I learn something new I have a desire to share it with other people, especially my friends and acquaintances, and hear comments from them. I’ve also been collecting these “links to information”, and I need a nice way to organize them. A blogging platform seems to be a good technical solution. And once I have that – why not make it public?

I know how exciting it can be to come across a Blog which matches closely my personal topics of interest and personal values. I subscribe to it right away. News travel fast, and with a good likelihood somebody will post a link to this insightful Youtube video, or an academical talk, or some amazing stats which will give me great pleasure as well. So, in starting this Blog, I hope to bring the same pleasure to other people like me, and to some extent save them the labor to fish the stuff of our mutual interest from the Great Ocean of Internet.

So, this is not a personal Blog

I’m not going to describe my breakfast ingredients here. Neither is it a professional one. Instead:

  • I will use it as a library of links, videos, books and articles on topics that concern me
  • I will use it as a communication tool to send new interesting stuff to my friends (please see Subscribe to this Blog)
  • I will hope that some other person I do not know but who shares my general interest will find this growing collection useful

Okey, so what concerns me?
And who am I?

I am a software engineer. I was born in Russia, and relocated to the United States in 2004. Currently I live in Bay Area, California and work for Google. I am an rationalist and an atheist, with a broad set of (purely amateurish) interests, that include:

  • Science, especially Physics, Biology (Theory of Evolution, Ethology) and Psychology
  • Fighting irrationality and stupidity, especially creationism, homeotherapy, pseudoscience, “magic” and similar nonsense (yes, it does include religion!)
  • Politics
  • Macroeconomy
  • Investing and financial planning
  • Our future

The list could probably go on, but hopefully you get the overall picture. Please feel free to comment in my Blog, and if you want to contact me, email me at aboytsovblog@gmail.com. Especially, if you have something interesting to share! 🙂


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