George Carlin on religion

I suppose most of people reading this blog know who George Carlin is, but probably not all. He’s a famous American stand up comedian, winner of four Grammy Awards for his comedy albums. He also was arrested for violating obscenity laws in Milwaukee.

George died this year, on June 22th, at the age of 71. Please watch his take on religion – it’s incredibly funny, but viewers beware – strong language! It was filmed in 1999 at 11th George Carlin concert special.

And this a very entertainingly animated version of the first 2 minutes of this monologue featured in Zeitgeist, the Movie:

“Zeitgeist, the Movie” deserves a separate post, although I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories.


One Response to “George Carlin on religion”

  1. Mike Says:

    “But he loves you and he needs money” 🙂

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