DonExodus2 on Why Teaching Creationism is a Terrible Idea

Great rational arguments on why teaching Creationism (or Intelligent Design, what have you) in schools is a terrible idea by DonExodus2. He’s an evolutionary biology PhD student, and he’s got lots of great, educational videos on his YouTube channel. I’ll be posting my favorites soon.


2 Responses to “DonExodus2 on Why Teaching Creationism is a Terrible Idea”

  1. DonExodus2 analyzes “List of scientists rejecting evolution” « Artem Boytsov’s Mind Says:

    […] roughly a hundred souls – here’s the link to this document. DonExodus2 whose videos I posted before dissected the list, and emailed its signees. As expected, creationists had no better ideas than to […]

  2. 13 Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism « Artem Boytsov’s Mind Says:

    […] — Artem Boytsov AronRa is another prominent YouTube anti-creationism activist, along with DonExodus2 and Thunderf00t. In this video series, he exposes “13 Foundational Falsehoods of […]

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