The Atheist’s nightmares! OMG!


Oh, I wanted to do this for a long time! Behold, the collection of the most moronic clips “disproving” the evolution and “proving” the existence of God. Most of these actually aired on national television. Be aware that however hard it might be to believe, this people are SERIOUS! As far as I can tell, the term “atheist’s nightmare” was coined by Rat Comfort in a famous video (the first in this list) in which he, along with Kirk Cameron, “proves” the existence of a Creator by analyzing a domesticated banana. Later though, the term became adopted by atheists and evolutionists to label exceptionally stupid attempts at attacking science. These videos are hilarious. It’s a hallmark of stupidity, ignorance, and religious dogma.

#1, “The Banana”

The Banana is the ultimate (and the original) Atheist’s Nightmare! Do not be mistaken – Kirk’s is not laughing at Ray’s cretinism, it’s a supportive smile. 🙂

This is a video commentary on Ray & Kirk performance, and among other things it also shows an image of a wild banana, the one that was domesticated several thousands years ago:

#2, “The Crocoduck”

Good old pal Kirk explains evolution is false because we can’t find a Crocoduck! As far as I can tell this happened on The O’Reilly Factor of Fox News. Oh, I bet Bill liked it!

But guess what, evolutionary biologists found the evasive Crocoduck and filmed it in its natural habitat:

#3, “The Peanut Butter Man”

I won’t even comment on this, ’cause I don’t want to spoil it for you, it’s so hilarious. You just gotta see it.

Of course, the parodies on YouTube were inevitable. I especially liked this one (you can rewind to the point where he actually opens the jar, it’s at 1:20):

This one is nice, too (you can rewind to 0:25):


One Response to “The Atheist’s nightmares! OMG!”

  1. Robert Konigsberg Says:

    Aww.. that lid was already opened. The production staff killed all the new life in that jar before filming.

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