Chris Martenson’s “Crash Course”

A rather interesting presentation on the three “E”s – Economy, Energy and Environment, and where the world is heading. Chris is quite pessimistic about the existing monetary system, and is basically predicting a huge crisis the beginning of which we’re already seeing. From the website:

The Crash Course is a condensed online version of Chris Martenson’s “End of Money” seminar.

What is it?

The Crash Course seeks to provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face. The Intro below is separated from the rest of the sections because you’ll only need to see it once…it tells you about how the Crash Course came to be.

There are 22 short videos in total, every one touching on a specific topic such as inflation, debt, bubbles, money creation, peak oil, etc. Wathcing all of them requires a time commitment of 3 hours and 20 minutes. I would still highly recommend it.

The URL:


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