The Man from Earth (2007) – movie


What if a Cro-Magnon caveman, a homo anatomically identical to a modern man, were to survive 14,000 years until present time? What would he tell us? Would his story be interesting to listen to? This independent, low budget feature film has won numerous awards including Best Screenplay and first place for Best Feature at the Rhode Island Film Festival. The script was written by Jerome Bixby and directed by Richard Schenkman. I haven’t seen a better movie in a long, long time. 

The movie is shot pretty much completely indoors and constitutes a continuous dialog, but I couldn’t get my eyes off the screen. The acting is superb. The budget of the movie was just $200,000.

It is available on DVD, but since its producer Erik Wilkinson publicly thanked pirates for stealing and distributing it, I thought it would be appropriate to post a link to the online version: Maybe you’ll watch it and go ahead and buy a DVD. It is also currently available for watching on-line on (better hurry, as far as I’ve noticed, Netflix constantly rotates movies available for “instant watching”).


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