13 Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

AronRa is another prominent YouTube anti-creationism activist, along with DonExodus2 and Thunderf00t. In this video series, he exposes “13 Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism”. His videos are very informational, and filled with facts. They’re not as funny as Thunderf00t’s, but much more systemic in going over creationists’ fraudulent claims step by step.

I’ve been long inspired by YouTube’s potential – this is a perfect example of a very educational, full-length popular science documentary, created by just one person. And it’s better so far than anything I’ve seen on the topic by PBS, CNN or any other mainstream production studio.

1st Falsehood:

2nd Falsehood:

3rd Falsehood:

4th Falsehood:

5th Falsehood:

6th Falsehood:

7th Falsehood:

8th Falsehood:

9th Falsehood:

10th Falsehood:

11th Falsehood:

12th Falsehood:

13th Falsehood:


2 Responses to “13 Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I KNOW WHAT BIBLE ASKS US TO BELIEVE APPEARS INCREDULOUS BUT WHAT WORRIES ME IS MIRACLE OF THE SUN IN FATIMA AND VISION OF HELL black demons and sinners souls in fiery cage surrounded by flames BY 3 FATIMA CHILDREN CIRCA OR BEFORE WORLD WARS.IF Jesus was Gods son what was lesson in letting him suffer and be crucified and how can virgin mary appear 2000 years later in apparitions she did not die her body either was taken up to heaven or she died and went up to heaven. religions try to help us come to terms with death if there is life after death what is point of death? if people are being good out of fear of hell then are they sincere? worthy of heaven? if they are being good out of duty is it sincere? Stalin and Hitler behaved with no fear of hell they were atheists. Plus was bible written by people inspired by God or did God communicate with them directly like Moses in burning bush? (If God was so forgiving then hell would be empty place quote in film eraser)Richard Dawkins is major doubter. Does God want evil unjust people showered with undeserved good4tune? good people with undeserved mis4tune. You saw sarah palin in position of power abusing her power trying to get a guy fired cos she had prejudice against him. Thankfully she did not win us election. There are times I wonder whose side God is on? If I pray for souls of dead if I have no children who will pray for me when I m dead. When people want forgiveness they want to avoid punishment if forgiven when they go to confession. But do you know how Gods mind works? whoever reads my comments think long and hard. If we suffer struggle in this life is it fair to suffer eternity of it in hell. The afterlife may be another hierarchial society like this earthly life. Those who join priesthood or nuns do they join it also out of fear of hell if you take route in life that will reduce chances of displeasing God are they really pleasing him?

  2. Artem Boytsov Says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    It was excruciatingly painful to read this misformatted, mispunctuated, unconnected, incoherent and illogical stream of gibberish.

    In my opinion, lots of the things you say are just plain silly, but your text lacks consistency and flow to such great extent that even if I did want to argue, I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Nevertheless, thank you for your comment.


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