Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism (2004) – documentary

If you’ve been long suspicious that “Fair and Balanced” slogan of Fox News channel is nothing but propaganda, you will enjoy this one. This documentary is harsh critics of the channel, exposing its huge right-wing bias and predatory journalism tactics. In my personal opinion, Fox News is anything but a “news channel”. Please see a list of Fox News Channel controversies on Wikipedia, I especially enjoyed the “photo manipulation” section.

“Outfoxed” official website.

Shame on you, California! – Proposition 8 passes

My tears of joy from hearing about Barack Obama winning US presidential election had not yet run dry, as I was shocked and crushed to learn that Californians voted “Yes” on Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage in this state. I find it amusing that “Proposition Eight” and “Proposition Hate” sound so similar. 

It is my belief that the “Yes on Prop 8” campaign was based on lies, fear, bigotry and intimidation . Oh, and don’t forget appeals to God and Jesus the Saviour. Just take a look at their ads and videos of their supporters on YouTube. They want you to be scared of turning your kids gay through education and more public acceptance of gay couples, which is just laughable. Here’s a great video that goes into details on the Prop 8 Poll on IProtectMarriage.com:

The most shocking part is question #8 where they propel an old myth that homosexuality is a choice, despite most scientific research suggesting it is not, massive evidence of animals homosexual behavior (do they choose their lifestyles, too?), and plain logic – if it’s pure choice, why so many choose “the hard way”? They also seem to be quite scared of gay couple adopting kids, although, existing research suggests that neither it does increase chances of children growing gay, nor it strangles their social development and aptitude.

One of “Yes” campaign’s strongest arguments was that children would have to be taught about gay marriage in public schools. Although, I personally do not see anything wrong with it, it was also false, according to California Superintendent of Public Schools Jack O’Connell:

Here’s a great little parody on these lines of thinking:

When one of the smartest states falls victim to appeals to ignorance, stupid, God and religion, tactics of fear and intimidation, I am quite surprised (though relieved!) that the country as a whole withstood McCain’s campaign that pretty much employed the same strategy:

I’m heterosexual by the way, and I don’t even have any friends which I’d knew were gay. But sometimes I’m ashamed to be one. 😦

Dumb pretty girls or pretty dumb girls

Hey, this is now a part of history, but I just gotta have it on my blog! This famous response of Miss Teen South Carolina on Miss Teen USA 2007 was watched by over 30 million users (!) on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj3iNxZ8Dww.

You don’t have to click on that link unless you want to contribute to the count, since below is an even funnier one: Jimmy Kimmel explaining in his show what it is she really said:

Apparently teens like that can strike it big in life, if you listen to what the republican vice-presidential nominee governor Sarah Palin had to say on the topic of $700 billion dollar banking sector bailout. The hilarious development of this story is that Palin was mocked by Tina Fey using the exact same words she was using! Seems like with these people, you can just repeat what they say and it’ll sound funny. Here’s the CNN clip featuring both the parody and the original:

Just for the record, here’s what governor Palin said:

“Ultimately what the bailout does is help those who are concerned about the healthcare reform that is needed to help shore up our economy um… helping th… uh… it’s gonna be about job creation, too.”

Coincedentally, governor Palin was a Miss Alaska 1984 contender, but finished only third. What a shame.

The United States presidential election starts in less than 30 minutes.