New episode of CrAP

Andromeda’s Wake posted a new episode of CrAP (Creation Astronomy Propaganda debunked):

I’ve also updated my original post where you can see them all.

Penn & Teller on creationism, and why the Bible is “Bullshit!”

Here’s a funny little excerpts from Penn & Teller‘s episode on creationism from Bullshit! series.

These episodes run 30 minutes each, and counting 69 through 6 seasons. A mixed-and-cut, 10 minute version of the episode on the Bible is available on YouTube:

I can’t say that I really loved the series. I found them a little bit boring – I rented two DVDs from Netflix and by the end of the first one I’d had enough. There’s too much comedy in it for me, and too little facts.

But there’s something about magicians (which is what Penn & Teller started as, at least partially) becoming debunkers. The one that stands out of them all is, of course, the great James Randi, the man who I passionately admire, who used to put up his own money against paranormal claims. Randi deserves a separate post (and not one!), but amongst other famous magician debunkers I can list Harri Houdini and Joe Nickell.

I think the reason is simple. Magicians deceive the public while the public is aware it’s being deceived, and that’s what makes the experience so astounding. Psychics, fortune tellers and other charlatans use pretty much the same tricks and techniques, but mislead the public into believing they’re genuine. That outrages fair magicians as they often do the job much better but yet never claim paranormal abilities.
(to be objective, I must add that not all psychics are charlatans – a good chunk are delusional, true believers in their own “powers”, even after it’s been demonstrated in controlled experiments they don’t possess any)

freedomOf5peech counts Kent Hovind lies

freedomOf5Speech, another YouTube activist whose channel I highly recommend, decided to count Kent Hovind‘s lies. Here’s from the video description:

I watched 30 minutes of Kent Hovind, and found 82 lies or false statements.

Many videos debunking Kent Hovind exist on YouTube. I felt that it’s pointless to make YET ANOTHER commentary video with details about Kent’s lies… it’s been done, and if you still believe Kent’s bullshit, search YouTube and you’ll have hours and hours of debunking to watch.

Instead, I wanted to make a quick video (without commentary) that moves quickly, and shows just how often Kent lies… and it’s fucking hilarious!!! I hope you laugh as much as I did making it!

Yes, he repeats his lies, and I counted them. Yes, some of the lies are not obvious, but they are lies, and if you have a question about a specific lie just ask and I’ll answer it for you. Some of the lies are just humor, but technically still lies (like when he claims his Creation Museum is the best place on earth).

Very funny. 🙂 And disturbing. 😐

But wait, there’s more! This little contest got a very recent development, as VenomFangXD (not to be confused with VenomFangX!) posted a reply video on November 8th counting 102 lies in under 42 minutes. I like this one even better, though they’re both funny:

13 Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

AronRa is another prominent YouTube anti-creationism activist, along with DonExodus2 and Thunderf00t. In this video series, he exposes “13 Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism”. His videos are very informational, and filled with facts. They’re not as funny as Thunderf00t’s, but much more systemic in going over creationists’ fraudulent claims step by step.

I’ve been long inspired by YouTube’s potential – this is a perfect example of a very educational, full-length popular science documentary, created by just one person. And it’s better so far than anything I’ve seen on the topic by PBS, CNN or any other mainstream production studio.

1st Falsehood:

2nd Falsehood:

3rd Falsehood:

4th Falsehood:

5th Falsehood:

6th Falsehood:

7th Falsehood:

8th Falsehood:

9th Falsehood:

10th Falsehood:

11th Falsehood:

12th Falsehood:

13th Falsehood:

DonExodus2 analyzes “List of scientists rejecting evolution”

The obnoxious Discovery Institute posted a list of scientists rejecting evolution, roughly a hundred souls – here’s the link to this document. DonExodus2 whose videos I posted before dissected the list, and emailed its signees. As expected, creationists had no better ideas than to fall back on the proven tactics of misrepresentation and deception.

From the video description:

The truth of the matter is, DI lied repeatedly when constructing the list, and, by their own admission, even IF the numbers are skewed hugely in favor or the creationists, this still leaves .0027% of scientists in the US rejecting evolution.

The Atheist’s nightmares! OMG!


Oh, I wanted to do this for a long time! Behold, the collection of the most moronic clips “disproving” the evolution and “proving” the existence of God. Most of these actually aired on national television. Be aware that however hard it might be to believe, this people are SERIOUS! As far as I can tell, the term “atheist’s nightmare” was coined by Rat Comfort in a famous video (the first in this list) in which he, along with Kirk Cameron, “proves” the existence of a Creator by analyzing a domesticated banana. Later though, the term became adopted by atheists and evolutionists to label exceptionally stupid attempts at attacking science. These videos are hilarious. It’s a hallmark of stupidity, ignorance, and religious dogma.

#1, “The Banana”

The Banana is the ultimate (and the original) Atheist’s Nightmare! Do not be mistaken – Kirk’s is not laughing at Ray’s cretinism, it’s a supportive smile. 🙂

This is a video commentary on Ray & Kirk performance, and among other things it also shows an image of a wild banana, the one that was domesticated several thousands years ago:

#2, “The Crocoduck”

Good old pal Kirk explains evolution is false because we can’t find a Crocoduck! As far as I can tell this happened on The O’Reilly Factor of Fox News. Oh, I bet Bill liked it!

But guess what, evolutionary biologists found the evasive Crocoduck and filmed it in its natural habitat:

#3, “The Peanut Butter Man”

I won’t even comment on this, ’cause I don’t want to spoil it for you, it’s so hilarious. You just gotta see it.

Of course, the parodies on YouTube were inevitable. I especially liked this one (you can rewind to the point where he actually opens the jar, it’s at 1:20):

This one is nice, too (you can rewind to 0:25):

DonExodus2 on Why Teaching Creationism is a Terrible Idea

Great rational arguments on why teaching Creationism (or Intelligent Design, what have you) in schools is a terrible idea by DonExodus2. He’s an evolutionary biology PhD student, and he’s got lots of great, educational videos on his YouTube channel. I’ll be posting my favorites soon.