New episode of CrAP

Andromeda’s Wake posted a new episode of CrAP (Creation Astronomy Propaganda debunked):

I’ve also updated my original post where you can see them all.

CrAP (Creation Astronomy Propaganda) Debunked

Andromeda’s Wake, a young British astronomy student (just 22 years old!), created this outstanding video series debunking outrageous creationists’ astronomic claims that are supposed to “support” the theory of Creation:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Recently he’s taken up on an even bigger task – creating a full-length documentary about the Universe (“Welcome to the Universe”) all on his own including composing the background music for it. The trailer is available on his YouTube channel. He is accepting donations for this project.

I also invite you to his Blog. Here’s how this very talented and capable guy describes himself:

I’m TK. Currently I live in England, where I was born, but I’m also half-Danish. I’m an atheist, a skeptic and a rationalist.. but you might also call me a deeply religious non-believer ;] I love the cosmos.