Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008) – documentary

Since I posted Zeitgeist, the Movie here and admitted I kinda liked it, I feel obligated to include the sequel. Zeitgeist: Addendum was released (also free of charge to all) in 2008, and this one, too, got the Best Feature Activist Spirit Award.

But I would rather disagree. In the first part of the movie, the process of money creation is described in detail. The second part is basically a long interview with John Perkins who wrote Confessions of an Economic Hit Man – a wildly controversial and criticized book. And it goes downhill from there. Then The Venus Project is described, as a possible solution to all humanity’s troubles.

The Venus Project is basically a utopia, a society where all energy problems are solved with geothermal energy, there’s no money since energy is abundant. They call it “resource based society”. I fail to see how it’s different from communist utopia, with no money or markets/buying/selling so avidly described by some Soviet science fiction writers. Supposedly, if it wasn’t for corrupt oil companies, financiers and politicians, we all could live in such heaven, since we already have the technology to build it.

I got interested in this Venus Project. I surfed their website in search of answers. How are they going to distribute resources however big they are? What about geothermal power disadvantages? Its net energy? They claim there’ll be no crime – what about latest findings of cognitive science on the nature of violence? Well, as I suspected: nothing. The whole website looks like a pretty glossy paper advertisement brochure. Looks like a fine futurology/design experiment, nothing serious. How can you put it in a documentary? And talk about it as a “solution”?

I’ve always been wary of conspirologists, and the more I live the “warier” I become. Here’s the video:

Zeitgeist, the Movie (2007) – documentary

This pretty famous documentary was released free online in June 2007. Its main three topics are religion, the attack of 9/11 and the Federal Reserve bank, and views presented are rather conspirological. It won Best Feature Documentary at Activist Awards in 2007.

Although I am not a great fun of conspiracy theories, I must admit watching it was rather entertaining, so here it is:

It can be downloaded as AVI from here, but strangely not from the movie official website.

[Russian translation below]

Этот достаточно известный документальный фильм был выложен для просмотра бесплатно в июне 2007-го. В нем обсуждаются три темы: религия, террористическая атака на США 11 сентября, и Федеральный Резервная Система США, причем в довольно конспирологическом ключе. Фильм получил награду “Лучший Документальный Фильм” на церемонии Activist Awards в 2007 году.

Несмотря на то, что я критично отношусь к всевозможным “теориям заговора”, должен признать, что фильм смотреть было довольно интересно. Вот русскоязычная версия фильма на Google Video: