Microsoft Re-Designs the iPod packaging

On the topic of simple interfaces, here’s a neat parody on Microsoft vs. Apple I came across. Actually, I learned of its existence from the latest book by Andy Hunt which I’m reading now – Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware. I’m just one chapter into it, but it seems to be a great book. And if you like this video, make sure you watch the Simplicity Sells techtalk by David Pogue – it’s just as funny.

And here’s another short Microsoft vs. Apple parody, now the iPhone:

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TED: When it comes to tech, simplicity sells by David Pogue

Technology columnist for New York Times David Pogue talk and sings 🙂 about simplicity in user interface design. Before becoming a tech writer, he spent 10 years working in Broadway musicals. In 2004, David won a Business Emmy Award for his segment on Google and the spam problem. Very entertaining and funny. 

Original video on (might be better quality).